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Webinar Resources
Webinar Wednesdays

Next FREE Event:

Mobile Media Made Easy for Marketing,
Selling and Learning

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011, 1:00 - 2:00 pm CDT

You may have the opportunity during the webinar to scan a QR (Quick Response) code with your smartphone or other mobile device. You can download readers on our QR Codes page.
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Scan to Hear the Presenters In our next Webinar Wednesday event we have assembled a group of experts that can show you how to create, share and track mobile content that even small businesses can manage and distribute.

Listen and learn how you can:
  • Create mobile content and experiences that are cost effective with limited resources
  • Communicate your customer value with a limited marketing budget
  • Connect with the community and increase your brand/company awareness
  • Compete in the mobile race with a mobile strategy that will set a successful course for your company

Our Speakers

Peter Muir Peter Muir
Bizucate, Inc.

Peter Muir is an entrepreneur, educator, marketer, motivator, author and student. For over 15 years, Peter has worked within the graphic communications industry in a variety of capacities: as educator, researcher, consultant and printer. As a major proponent of the pursuit of profitable knowledge Peter has developed educational programs and consulting projects that help companies with their strategy planning, business exploration, workflow analysis, marketing initiatives, sales approaches and operational effectiveness. He is also the author of the Preflight Pocket Primer and customized sales course: Finding Your Profitable Future.

Peter Muir | pmuir@bizucate.com | 215 234 4498

Jay Wilder Jay Wilder Director of Product Marketing
myBrainshark and SlideShark

Jay provides product marketing leadership for Brainshark's freemium products including myBrainshark and SlideShark. myBrainshark allows individuals and small businesses to easily create, share, and track online and mobile video presentations while SlideShark allows users to reliably view and show PowerPoint on the iPad. Jay possesses 10+ years of B2B sales, marketing, and business development experience in the hi-tech, software, and consumer goods spaces. He's also a talented guitarist, avid music fan, and close follower of all things cloud, mobile, and social media. You can reach Jay on Twitter with @jaywilder.

Tom Scontras Tom Scontras Vice President Sales & Marketing
Glance Networks

Tom is an accomplished specialist in giving startups what they desperately need (after a great idea) and that's revenue. He has spent two decades successfully generating early growth on a large scale, most recently by transforming Glance Networks from a company with a screen-sharing tool to the leader in the burgeoning Sales 2.0 movement. He is adept at integrating marketing, sales and support for both cost efficiency and maximal results, as he demonstrated at Empirix, Microsoft, and Informatica, among others. He blogs on sales, business, technology and culture.

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